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Our online gallery Menu provides you with several ways to select and view artwork.

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For artwork, select the appropriate subject Box and click Apply. For painting price or size requirement move the circle to the right and click Apply.

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Or, if you know what you are looking for click the search button on the menu bar and fill in the details.

How to Buy

It’s that simple just select the art work you wish to buy and click the Cart Button.

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Agree to the Buying Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sale process work?

  • Once you have purchased your painting the artist will contact you to arrange delivery.
  • If you live in the Melbourne Metropolitan area the artist will arrange delivery to you at no cost.
  • If you are outside the Melbourne Metropolitan area the extra cost will be negotiated by the artist with you.
  • If you have difficulty in arranging delivery or any other concerns please contact us at or call on 0431 286 483.

Terms and Conditions For the Purchase of Artwork from Camberwell Art Show 2021 Online Exhibition

When you purchase a quality work of art from the Camberwell Art Show 21 Online Exhibition you assist with fundraising for the many Community and Charitable activities sponsored by The Rotary Club of Camberwell.

Paintings exhibited in the Camberwell Art Show 21 Online Exhibition are sold on the following conditions:

  1. Purchasers agree that the Rotary Club of Camberwell Inc. (‘the Club’) acts as a disclosed agent for artists, you – as the purchaser of any paintings – agree and acknowledge that the Club has no control or liability for the quality, transportation or safety of the paintings. You are dealing with the Club solely as agent for the artist and, should any issue arise with respect to any representation made, quality or fitness of the painting that is a representation and/or liability vests solely in the artist and not the Club.
  2. Payment of the full purchase price is required by direct debit transaction in accordance with the payment instructions.
  3. Our prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and orders placed do not include export or import charges or levies to the destination country if outside Australia. It is your responsibility to check locally before ordering your items.
  4. Export or Import duties and tax or charges for the destination country are not included in the order price, nor postage charges. These are your responsibility. Please check your country’s custom office to determine what these charges will be before you place your order.
  5. If the buyer lives within the Melbourne Metro area, the artist is responsible for delivery of sold artwork to the buyer, inclusive of the sale price if the buyer lives within the Melbourne Metro area. If the artwork is to be delivered to other destinations the extra cost will be negotiated by the artist with the buyer.
  6. After the satisfactory delivery of the purchased artwork from the artist to the buyer, the buyer will be contacted by the Club to confirm its delivery.

If you have any queries I may be contacted at

Again, thank you for your patronage of the Camberwell Art Show 21 Online Exhibition, and we hope you have great satisfaction and enjoyment from your purchase.


Anne Murphy, on behalf of the Camberwell Art Show 21 Online Exhibition Committee