For purposes of this exhibition a definition is here forwarded that specifies what deems a work of art to be a pastel. This statement is not what a pastel ‘could or can be’ but what defines it in generally recognised conventional terms.

Criteria for selection of an artwork as a pastel for the Camberwell Art (Pastel) Prize are as follows:

  1. A pastel shall be deemed suitable for selection if it is on a paper based ground. A pastel on canvas will not be deemed to be a pastel in this context.
  2. A three-dimensional construction shall not be deemed to be a pastel.
  3. A pastel over a photograph (digital or other) will not be considered a pastel.
  4. The work of art must be in soft pastel*. A limited use of other mediums may contribute to the work, but substantial use of these mediums would exclude the work from selection.

The selection panel and the judges have the right to determine suitability of entry based on these criteria.

*Underdrawing in hard pastel is acceptable but not oil pastel.