How to Enter

How to Enter the Camberwell Art Show (step by step)

The Camberwell Art Show has a proud half century history and has grown to be Australia’s largest and most prestigious community based art event.

If you are unfamiliar with the Entry Portal for the Camberwell Art Show, we would recommend that you first familiarise yourself with the instructions detailed below before entering the Entry Portal via the following link:

→ Enter the Camberwell Art Show Here

In order to selected the best Artwork from established and emerging artists our entry process has two stages:

  1. SUBMISSION STAGE – as detailed below in Entering Paintings, artists go online and select their art to enter. This costs $10 per painting with the payment taken from their credit card. A panel of judges then reviews all Artwork which has been submitted.
  2. ACCEPTANCE STAGE – the judges select the Artworks which are ACCEPTED FOR EXHIBITION. The cost of ACCEPTANCE is based on the size of the Artwork and your credit card is debited accordingly –
    • $20 for each selected Artwork that does not exceed 1 metre (ie less than 100 cm) on any one side of the painting [including framing, if any]
    • $30 for each selected Artwork with a measurement between 1 and 1.4 metres (or 100 cm and 140 cm) on any one side
    • $50 for each selected Artwork greater than 1.4 metres (ie greater than 140 cm) on any one side.
      Extra large size paintings will be hung at the discretion of the Rotary Club of Camberwell. An email is then sent to confirm paintings which are Accepted for exhibition.

Percentage Commission levied on Sales is 30% including GST.

Instructions for Submitting Artwork

→ Enter the Camberwell Art Show Here

Simple 4-step process!

  1. Enter your contact details and set up the Stripe credit card billing
  2. Enter the required details for each Artist (the main contact can enter for more than one Artist)
  3. Enter the Artworks for each Artist and upload images
  4. Submit your Artworks

Further guidance on using the Art Galleria portal can be found here.

Step 1 – Contact Details and Billing

Contact Details

  1. Complete your name, address and phone contact details
  2. Tick the Acceptance box to acknowledge acceptance of the Entry Terms & Conditions for the 2022 Camberwell Art Show
  3. Press Save


  1. Click the SETUP BILLING button in the top right corner
    • Our new Art Galleria entry portal uses the secure Stripe payments system (
    • No credit card information is stored by the Camberwell Art Show or by Art Galleria
  2. Press the ADD NEW CREDIT CARD button
  3. The Stripe credit card entry window will appear
    • Complete the required credit card details and press SAVE
  4. You will be returned to the previous screen with summary details of the active credit card displayed

Step 2 – Entering Artist Details

Our online entry system allows the main Contact to enter on behalf of one or more Artists

  1. Press the +ARTIST button on the home page
  2. Complete the required details for each Artist, noting many fields are mandatory
    • Artist first name and surname
    • Artist biography (2500 character limit)
    • Artist phone and mobile contact numbers
    • Artist’s email address
    • Artist’s website (if applicable)
    • Artist’s acceptance of the Entry Terms & Conditions for the 2022 Camberwell Art Show (these can be found here)
    • Artist’s GST status from the dropdown list
    • Artist’s ABN (if applicable)
    • Artist’s bank account details (to enable EFT of any sale proceeds to the Artist)
  3. Press Save

Step 3 – Entering Artworks

Enter Artworks on behalf of one or more Artists

  1. Press the +ARTWORK button on the home page
  2. Complete the required details for each Artwork, noting most fields are mandatory
    • Artwork title
    • Medium
    • Select the applicable Artist from the dropdown list
    • Enter the Height and Width of the Artwork in cm centimetres, including any framing
    • Tick the Framed checkbox if applicable
    • Select the artwork genre from the dropdown list
    • Enter the sale price inclusive of commission
  3. Upload images for the Artwork using the Choose Files button. Multiple images can be uploaded for each Artwork.
    • You will see an upload progress bar whilst the image is uploaded to the Portal.
    • Delete and re-upload images as required.
  4. Press Save
  5. Repeat for additional Artworks

Step 4 – Submitting Artworks

Once Artworks have been uploaded, you can submit Artworks individually or all at once.

  1. Press either the SUBMIT or SUBMIT ALL ARTWORKS button on the home page
  2. The selected Artworks will be uploaded and submitted into the Camberwell Art Show
  3. The billing process will occur (note that there may be a delay in receiving the Stripe confirmation as billings occur in a patch process)
  4. The status for the selected Artworks will change to Submitted
  5. The Contact will receive an email receipt from Stripe
  6. The Contact will receive an email receipt from Camberwell Art Show system via Art Galleria
  7. Once all Artworks have been submitted, press the Logout button to exit