2019 Judges Awards and Notes

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The very high standard of work in this extensive exhibition has been a significant challenge to the judges in determining these awards. Our congratulations to all the artists represented.

The organisers of the Camberwell Art Show are to be congratulated on sustaining this long and distinguished tradition of painting and drawing practices and within its definitions giving a degree of breadth to modes of contemporary application.


Godwin Bradbeer (Chief), Amanda Hyatt, Raelene Sharp

BEST IN SHOW (All Judges) – Warwick Fuller 'Ephemeral Light' 1450 Stand 112

This exquisite painting by Warwick Fuller is distinguished by the subtle and understated beauty of panoramic landscape filtered through atmosphere. More than a pictorial landscape, the work presents more as an homage to light and in doing so without any narrative distraction he permits the viewer a meditative reflection on nature sublime.

BEST NON -TRADITIONAL WORK (Godwin) - Jennifer Chan 'Lake' 1188 Stand 206

In the painting 'Lake' Jennifer Chan has described the rhythms of nature with an uncommonly bold calligraphic gesture. She brings her observations into an abstract realm that is acutely sensitive to space. The work simultaneously possesses calm and energy that is the generative energy of both nature and the artist.

BEST TRADITIONAL WORK (All Judges) - Chris White 'View from the Bridge' 2247 Stand 315

This technically accomplished city view within an exacting realist tradition contains within it a multitude of miniaturist abstract notations. The brushstroke never falters in its precise placement. Additional to this the painting is significantly managed with a restrained palette of highly considered chromatic variations that never engage pictorial hyperbole.

BEST Oil/Acrylic - John Bredl 'Cool Reflections' 1135 Stand 416

(See Raelene Sharp comment below)

This is a dazzling work by an accomplished practitioner. In subject and in manner this is a painting poised in a recognised place in the Australian landscape tradition on the cusp of abstract interpretation.

Comment by Raelene Sharp:

John’s work caught my eye immediately. His masterly use of paint, intelligent composition and the rich use of colour and light make this painting a clear winner.

BEST WORK on Paper+ (Amanda) - David Taylor 'Light of Morning Bushranger Bay' 2153 Stand 406

(See Amanda Hyatt comment below)      

This painting has a masterful application of watercolour technique to the subtleties and the drama of light and colour within this coastal view.

Comment by Amanda Hyatt:

After diligent and due consideration of all works on paper including watercolours, pastels and drawings I have given the prize to David Taylor. The work shows great and accomplished understanding of the watercolour medium using the play of light and contrast, lost and found edges, subtlety and strength, the balance between quiet and busy spaces, a naturally subdued colour palette, an excellent composition, confident brushstrokes meaning dexterity of touch of the brush, and mastery of the medium. This major work of art is well deserving of the prize.

BEST DRAWING (Godwin) - Linda Robertson 'Male Figure Study' 1996 Stand 134

The evident and restless energy of the artist in her search for veracity of form within this drawing is equivalent to the latent power of her subject. The artist has described strength with unusual subtlety and masculinity with rare empathy.

BEST NON TRADITIONAL WORK under $1.5k (Godwin) - David Bowler 'Mr. M.' 1119 Stand 205

This work has a disquietingly understated portrait of a hyper-public person. The painterly treatment which is extraordinarily subtle and assured overrides any question of the sourcing of the subject. This is an exaggerated man painted without exaggeration. 

BEST TRADITIONAL WORK under $1.5k (All judges) - Ray Wilson 'Dancing Onions' 2269 Stand

A modest work presented with sensitivity and painterly assurance. 

BEST Oil/Acrylic under $1.5k (All judges) - Elizabeth Moore-Golding 'Time Off: Chef Paul Le Noury' 1811 Stand 205

A modest yet very accomplished work of portraiture showing a finely tuned balance between visual analysis and sympathetic description of character.

BEST WORK on Paper under $1.5k (All judges) - Patricia Lundberg 'Juliette' 1731 Stand 142

A sensitive study of observed portraiture that equally presents the act of drawing with a fearless energy that integrates harmoniously with its subject.

CITY OF BOROONDARA AWARD Joe Blundell 'The Mess Hall' 1103 Stand 212

Working within the restraints of the monochrome, Joe has mastered expansive, yet tightly knit visual compositions of apparently familiar locales. The works in their somewhat geometricised compositions function as design, abstraction and vista with agreeable visual harmony.

JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD (Godwin) - Lilliana Gilford 'Summer Rain' 1443 Stand 243

A strong and unusually atypical study of two figures, compositionally radical, engaging tonal, chromatic and linear elements in concerted intensity.

JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD (Amanda) – Jue Wu 'Stream and Trees in the Snow' 2294 Stand 405

(See commentary by Amanda Hyatt below)

A highly accomplished work within the watercolour tradition using contrasts within the landscape to manifest a refined and expressive calligraphy of brushstroke.

Comment by Amanda Hyatt:

This small painting is accomplished in its simplicity and adroitness of technique resulting in a painting that shows that the artist is truly enjoying the potential of the medium with an aim to understanding its full power. The fact that the artists other paintings submitted for the exhibition are consistent and are all of different subject matter indicate that the artist has an innate understanding of the medium.

JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD (Raelene) – Steve Doyle 'Pier 51' 1286 Stand 416

(See commentary by Raelene Sharp below)

Steve Doyle has the capacity to deliver fine painted compositions of subjects that might otherwise be deemed void and banal. A work successful in its intentions.

Comment by Raelene Sharp:

This wonderful small painting has a beautifully constructed composition, talented use of brushwork and a terrific brilliance. The subject matter is urban and not idealised but the use of light conveys an almost romantic feel.

CITY OF BOROONDARA AWARD (all judges) - Joe Blundell 'The Mess Hall' 1103

Working within the restraints of the monochrome Joe has mastered expansive, yet tightly knit visual compositions of apparently familiar locales. The works in their somewhat geometricised compositions function as design, abstraction and vista with agreeable visual harmony.

2019 Judges

Godwin Bradbeer

Chief Judge

28 June

Godwin Bradbeer

Chief Judge: Godwin Bradbeer

Godwin Bradbeer is a Melbourne based artist with a reputation for intense and large scale figurative drawing. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since the 1970's. He has taught at the University of Melbourne, the Victorian College of the Arts, Monash University and other art schools in Australia and in Asia. From 2005 until 2010 he was the Head of Drawing in the School of Art at RMIT University in Melbourne.

A major survey of his work titled; 'Godwin Bradbeer: Enigma and Stigma' was presented at Deakin University in Melbourne in 2017. In 2006 - 2008 an extensive retrospective exhibition toured seven regional galleries in several Australian states.

Bradbeers’ work is included within the collections of the Australian National Gallery, the National Gallery of Victoria, The Art Gallery of N.S.W., the Art Gallery of South Australia, Parliament House, Canberra, the Archive of Humanist Art, Commonwealth Art Bank, Lim lip Museum, Korea, Korean Art Institute, the University of Western Carolina, U.S.A. and other institutional collections nationally and internationally.

Bradbeer is the recipient of many awards including the Dobell Prize for Drawing from the Art Gallery of N.S.W. a prize that he won in 1998 and he has been included in many publications on Australian art and a major monograph on the artists work authored by Dr Janet McKenzie has been published by Thames and Hudson in 2018.

In 2018 Bradbeer showed work at Galerie La Capitale in Paris and he will be exhibiting there again in April 2019. He is represented in Melbourne, Australia by the James Makin Gallery.

Amanda Hyatt

Judge: Amanda Hyatt

Amanda Hyatt has been a professional watercolour artist for 35 years. She has had 35 solo exhibitions, with international exhibitions in New York and China where she was described as a 'Master of Watercolour'. Amanda has also been described as one of seven 'International Masters of En Plein Air Painting' and a 'leading international teacher of watercolour'.

Amanda has won many prizes including the Camberwell Rotary Art Show Gold Medal as judged by Sir William Dargie in 1992 plus 10 other major awards here including several restricted club prizes and was runner up to Camberwell Art Show's Travel Grant on three occasions. She has won several other major prizes including the Alice Bale, the Kenneth Jack, the Gordon Moffat Award and the Norman Kaye Artist of the year award at the Victorian Artists Society. She has judged many art shows during her career.

Amanda has three teaching DVDs by APV Films and her book "Watercolour: Tonal Impressionism" is a best seller. Her highly collectable paintings are found in Europe, the UK, China, the USA and Australia. She has written over 50 articles for leading art magazines such as The Artist (UK), L’Art de L’Aquarelle and Pratique des Arts (France), Flashart (USA), International Artist and Australian Artist.

For further information please see Amanda’s website amandahyatt.com.au.

Raelene Sharp

Judge: Raelene Sharp

Raelene Sharp has been a professional portrait artist for many years painting corporate, private and celebrity portraits for clients around the country. She lists Scotch College, Melbourne University, Melbourne University College, Royal Children's Hospital, St Catherine’s Toorak, and Caulfield Grammar among her clients.

She is an Archibald Prize Finalist and Archibald Packing Room Prize Winner. Raelene has won the third richest portrait prize in the Australia - The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize. Her painting of Professor Suzanne Cory AC is hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

She has been included in the Salon International USA twice, the Archibald Salon des Refuse and received a First Merit in the Portrait Society of America's annual Exhibition. Her paintings are in public and private collections in Australia and overseas. She has been a finalist in all but a few national portrait competitions and also features in several publications.

Raelene has judged many national art shows including Camberwell Art Show.

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