Report on 2018 Camberwell Art Show Selections

Recently the Head Judge of the 2018 Camberwell Art Exhibition, Julian Bruere, was involved with fellow judge Denise Keele-Bedford and members of the Camberwell Art Show Committee in the selection of works for this year's prestigious Art Exhibition.

'Camberwell' has always been the major exhibition for professional and aspiring artists of various persuasions in Melbourne. Its popularity means that nearly half the works submitted cannot physically be accommodated in the venue. This has always been the case, however with the selection process through Gallery 247 the old days of artwork presentation at the venue followed by the chagrin of not finding your paintings in the catalogue at the opening are now gone but the difficulty for a selection committee to adjudicate the submissions remains just as difficult.

In the interest of transparency, it is worth noting for those who have recently received disappointing news that all works were viewed 2 to 5 times across 4 days of deliberation. Many works missed selection for reasons of subject, presentation, size and standard. It is difficult for any artist to accept this regarding their own work and a level of 'rejection' is to be expected.

Julian would like to encourage each artist to hold faith that their works were viewed compassionately and professionally, and that non-acceptance need not be interpreted as anything more than the 'subjective' opinion of this committee.

The 2018 Camberwell Exhibition will exhibit some really terrific works and demonstrates that many artists are presenting work of a very high standard, that there are some very cleverly painted presentations and that a variety of subject style and medium has been maintained.

The Camberwell Art Show Committee

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