Camberwell Art Show

Entering paintings to the Camberwell Art Show takes two steps.

Step 1 — Create an artist’s profile.

If you have done this previously skip this step and go to Step 2.

Step 2 — Submit your painting(s).

In order to complete your submission(s) you will need two things:

    • Pictures of your artwork(s) to upload.
    • A credit card.


Step 1 — Create an artist's profile

  •  Enter your first name, surname, email and a password. Where it says “Register me as:” select “Artist”. Click on SEND.

  • Once this is completed you are registered as an artist. Remember your password.


Step 2 — Submit your paintings

  • Click on Login

  • Use your email and password to login.


  • This takes you to where you submit your artworks. The first thing is to add an artwork.

  • Then click here.

  • Fill in the details about the artwork. [Note: Height and Width include the frame.]


  • Now you can upload a photo of the artwork.

  • Repeat this process with as many artwork as you want to enter. [Maximum number of entries is six.]
  • Now enter them in the Camberwell Art Show.

  • Pick the artwork to submit and click the button.

  • Make your payment.

  • You are finished. Congratulations! You will receive confirmation via email.


Please note: Camberwell Art Show is selective. Submitting your work does not guarantee that it will be hung in the show.