Entering the Camberwell Art Show Step by Step

The Camberwell Art Show has a proud half century history and has grown to be Australia’s largest and most prestigious community based art event.

In order to selected the best art work from established and emerging artists our entry process has a couple of stages:

  1. SUBMISSION STAGE - as detailed below in Entering Paintings, artists go online and select their art to enter. This costs $10 per painting with the payment taken from their credit card.

    A panel of judges then reviews all art which has been submitted.

  2. ACCEPTANCE STAGE - the judges select the paintings which are ACCEPTED FOR EXHIBITION.

    The cost of ACCEPTANCE is based on the size of the painting and your credit card is debited accordingly -

    • $20 for each selected work that does not exceed 1 metre (ie less than 100cm) on any one side of the painting [including framing, if any]

    • $30 for each selected work with a measurement between 1 and 1.4 metres (or 100cm and 140cm) on one side

    • $50 for each selected work greater than 1.4 metres (ie greater than 140 cm) on any one side.
      Extra large size paintings will be hung at the discretion of the Rotary Club of Camberwell.

      An email is then sent to confirm paintings which are Accepted for exhibition.

Percentage Commission levied on Sales is 30%

Entering paintings to the Camberwell Art Show takes two steps.

Step 1 — Create an artist’s profile.

If you have done this previously skip this step and go to Step 2.

Step 2 — Submit your painting(s).

In order to complete your submission(s) you will need two things:

    • Pictures of your artwork(s) to upload.
    • A credit card.


Step 1 — Create an artist's profile

  •  Enter your first name, surname, email and a password. Where it says “Register me as:” select “Artist”. Click on SEND.

  • Once this is completed you are registered as an artist. Remember your password.


Step 2 — Submit your paintings

  • Click on Login

  • Use your email and password to login.


  • This takes you to where you submit your artworks. The first thing is to add an artwork.

  • Then click here.

  • Fill in the details about the artwork. [Note: Height and Width include the frame.]


  • Now you can upload a photo of the artwork.

  • Repeat this process with as many artwork as you want to enter. [Maximum number of entries is six.]
  • Now enter them in the Camberwell Art Show.

  • Pick the artwork to submit and click the button.

  • Make your payment.

  • You are finished. Congratulations! You will receive confirmation via email.


Please note: Camberwell Art Show is selective. Submitting your work does not guarantee that it will be hung in the show.