In 2017 the Camberwell Art Show is very proud to present an exciting demonstrating artists programme.


Date Time Artist Topic  
8.7.17 11.30am David Taylor Watercolour  
  2.00pm David Chen Oil
9.7.17 11.30am Julian Bruere Watercolour  
  2.00pm Lisa Wang Oil - Venetian scene  
10.7.17 11.30am Amanda Hyatt Watercolour  
  2.00pm Regina Hona Pastel - Waterscape  
13.7.17 2.00pm Maxine Wade Art appraisal afternoon  
15.7.17 11.30am Janet Hayes Pastel - Still life  
  2.00pm Clive Sinclair Watercolour - Landscape  
16.7.17 11.30am Ron Reynolds Oil - Abstracted landscape  
  2.00pm Cathy Van Ee Pastel - Landscape