Sue-Ann Roll

Sue-Ann Roll

Sue-Ann Roll

  • Biography

    E D U C A T I O N

    Bachelor of Arts – Fine Art
    Caulfield Institute of Technology
    (now Monash University)
    1976 – 1979

    Graduate Diploma in Education
    Melbourne State College
    (now University of Melbourne)


    Fine Art/Graphics Teacher
    1981-83 Strathcona Girls Grammer School
    1983-86 Parade College Bundoora
    1986-88 Maullauna Secondary College

    Head of the Fine Art/Graphics Department
    1988-91 Maullauna Secondary College

    • Left teaching to raise a family.
    • Freelance work during this time included illustrations for pamphlets and booklets that were published for the Phillip Institute of Technology.

    Accademia D’Arte, Florence
    2014 – Painting / Life Drawing course

    Hawthorn Artist Society
    2014 to present – Weekly participant involved in various classes, special event days, exhibitions and information nights.

    Russian Academy of Art, Florence
    2018 – Extremely privileged to be under the private tutelage of renowned Professor Sergey Chubirko who teaches the Renaissance academic style of figure drawing dealing with the anatomy. The classes were simply awe-inspiring.

    Portrait Series
    2018 to present - People in my Community - Graphite on Linen Paper

    Police Portraits
    2020-2021 – It was my honour to be asked by the Victorian Blue Ribbon Foundation to complete 4 portraits of the fallen police of the Eastern Freeway tragedy. These were displayed at the Police Academy Chapel where the families laid wreaths during the first anniversary service.

    S K I L L S

    Figure drawing - Charcoal / Soft Pastels / Pencil on Paper
    - Oil Pastel / Graphite on Polymer Paper

    Portraiture - Pencil on Linen Paper
    - Oil Pastel on Polymer Paper
    - Oil on Canvas

    Painting - Oil on Canvas

    Instagram: sueann_roll_artist


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Sue-Ann Roll

Burlesque Dancer
32 x 55 cm Graphite on Bristol Paper $1,200.00

Sue-Ann Roll

44 x 58 cm Graphite on Bristol Paper $1,500.00