Stefanie Hodgson

Stefanie Hodgson

Stefanie Hodgson

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    You want to access the calm you feel when surrounded by natural beauty, but chances are, you don’t have the time to park yourself on the beach for an hour everyday.

     My work allows you to hang that feeling on your wall. 

     Mandalas are a symbol for the universe, literally meaning ‘sacred circle’ in Sanskrit. They draw our attention inwards, so we can contemplate our connection to the natural and human world. Monks used them for thousands of years to guide them towards enlightenment in their meditations.

     Is that too new-agey for you?

     Here’s some science.

    Mandala art uses fractal geometry, symmetry and and repeating patterns to have a tangible impact on your central nervous system.  It literally calms the part of the body in charge of your stress response.

     My pieces take 20-30 hours of painstaking work. A part from a basic grid, they are all freehand. Not believing this, the  judge at my last exhibition took my piece off the wall to verify it wasn’t computer-generated and then awarded me the Carol Friday Encourage Award for the best up and coming artist. 

     What I love hearing from my customers is that they were moving around their space on autopilot. But since hanging my piece, they are constantly prompted to be more calmly and joyfully present in their lives. 

     You can hear more from Stef on her Instagram and TikTok accounts @breathedrawrelax.

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Stefanie Hodgson

Sea Spirit
45 x 45 cm Fineliner Pen $370.00

Stefanie Hodgson

Fractal Forest
41 x 54 cm Fineliner Pen $490.00