Fern Siebler

Fern Siebler

Fern Siebler

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    Fern Siebler is an abstract artist and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in a small regional town in Victoria, where her passion for earth, the flow of nature and all things colour began.

    Fern trained as a graphic designer at Swinburne University (BA.Communication Design) and is a self-taught artist, many aspects of her artworks draw from her formal design training - negative space, colour, balance.  Fern's abstractions are best known to be layered and flowing, inspired by the fluidity and movement of the earth’s elements; water, air, fire and smoke.

    "I am inspired by nature and also draw from my own personal experiences, allowing the emotions, memories, feelings to guide my intuitive painting process. My artworks across all mediums are expressive and full of movement. When I paint I pour my heart and soul into the artwork."

    Fern's works have been seen on popular renovation shows, Channel Nine's The Block 2019, 2020 & 2021 and Channel Seven's House Rules 2020. In 2020 Fern collaborated with Australian skincare brand Ella Bache where her artwork 'Sierra' adorned the Christmas Gift packaging. Most recently Fern was commissioned to create several artworks for the luxury new Barangaroo hotel, Crown Sydney.

    Fern's works are collected in Australia and internationally.

    Exhibitions & awards
    -May 2022 - The Other Art Fair - Melbourne. From 26 - 29 May 2022

    -July - September 2022 - 'The place I call home', a solo exhibition by Fern Siebler.
    MiRa (Marysville Information & Regional Art space), Marysville Visitor Centre.


    -March 12 2022 - 'Collectors edition' group exhibition, Art Lovers Australia, 300 Wellington St Collingwood

    -March 2022 - Toowoomba Grammar Art show

    -2022 - 'Art Lovers Prize' finalist, Art Lovers Australia

    -Dec 2021-Jan 2022 - 'Unwrapped' exhibition, Art Lovers Australia Collingwood gallery

    -2021 - Toowoomba Grammar Art show

    -2021 - 'Art Lovers Prize' finalist, Art Lovers Australia

    -2020 - New Day exhibition (virtual) - November 2020. In support of SANE.

    -2020 - Toowoomba Grammar Art show - 28 March 2020

    -2020 - 'Art Lovers Prize' finalist, Art Lovers Australia

    -2019 - The Block artists exhibition 'Reveal', TBC Gallery, Burleigh Heads, QLD

    -2019 - The Other Art Fair, Kensington, Victoria, Australia

    -2019 - 'Art Lovers Prize' finalist, Art Lovers Australia

    -2018 - 'Lines to imagination' Riveresque, Warrandyte

    -2018 - westelm 'local' exhibition, Chadstone

    -2018 - 'Art Lovers Prize' finalist, Art Lovers Australia. Left Bank Gallery, Gold Coast

    -2017 - Raw 'Radiant' - Melbourne Pavillion

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Fern Siebler

Tied together with gold
76 x 102 cm Acrylic, ink, 24k gold leaf on linen $1,300.00