Daryl Turner

Daryl Turner

Daryl Turner

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    Artist Statement
    The more complex of my work is concerned with the collective unconscious, those myths and images absorbed by our everyday existence and then fed back to us through dreams, psychological thoughts, myths and subconscious states of mind such as fear, anxiety, love and the search for perfection.
    Everything visual is basically a symbol, we don’t see we perceive, its a personal vision we have of the world. Objects that we endow with a specific meaning can not only visually look different, but can have a different psychological effect on another person.  This can depend on our upbringing our environment and the experiences we have had during our existence.
    My work is full of visual imagery, but all these elements don’t make a coherent story. 
    They are more like a form of divination, its up to the viewers subconscious to weave a meaning or feeling from their grouping.
    Like any Mythical tale there are symbols of good and evil of fear and redemption, I am not trying to say anything particular about  our situation, these are not political works but journeys into our interior, that thing we call a sense of self.
    Born Melbourne 1951
    Diploma of Art + Design [Honours], Swinburne University,  Melbourne
    Lecturered in painting, Prahran College, Melbourne

    Solo Exhibitions
    2015   Manyung Galleries, (Malvern)
    2009   Aptoz Cruz Galleries, South Australia 
    2006   Pollock Gallery, Richmond VIC 
    2005   Pollock Gallery, Richmond VIC
    2003   Bark Modern Art, Hong Kong  
    2002   Manyung Galleries, Mt Eliza VIC
                ARTEFACT Gallery, Melbourne
    2001   Manyung Galleries, Mt. Eliza VIC
    1996   Kazari / ARTEFACT, Melbourne
    1995   Art Forum / ARTEFACT, Singapore
                Quoquo / ARTEFACT, Hong Kong
                Victoria House / ARTEFACT, London
    1994   Quoquo / ARTEFACT, Hong Kong
    1993   ARTEFACT, Melbourne
    1973   Avante Gallery, Melbourne
    1972   Avante Gallery, Melbourne

    Selected Group shows
    2004   Manyung Galleries, Mt Eliza VIC - group
    2003   Manyung Galleries, Mt Eliza VIC - group
    2002 Treasury Place, Deputy Premier’s offices / 

    Selected Commissions
    BASF, Singapore
    Smith Peacock + Henshaw, Melbourne

    Crown Casino Hotel, Melbourne
    Swank, Hong Kong
    Smith, Peacock + Henshaw, Melbourne
    Private collections in Indonesia, Australia, Singapore +USA

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Daryl Turner

Zebras running
153 x 122 cm Acrylic on canvas unframed $6,000.00